Savaria Multilift BCA  Vertical Platform Lift  

  • A durable and reliable two-stop wheelchair lift, suitable for homes, schools, hospitals, theatres, shopping centres, and many other public spaces
  • Ruggedly built for use indoors or outdoors - ideal for deck and porch access
  • Offers a capacity of 340 kg to carry a wheelchair passenger
  • Multiple entry/exit configurations and platform sizes available
  • No machine room required, saving space and installation time
  • Complies with ASME A18.1 and the requirements of BCA E3.6, operates using constant pressure

The nuts and bolts


Durable construction: Suitable for indoor or outdoor use; includes weather-resistant lock.
Reliable operation: ACME screw drive with precision movement and strength for day-to-day use. 
Easy to install: Drive components are housed in the tower, making the unit fast and easy to install.
Other standard features: Continuous pressure operation, hands-free telephone in commercial applications, keyed access on car, non-skid zinc-coated platform in two standard sizes, automatic access ramp.
Standard finish: White powder coat paint.
Safety features: Emergency stop button on car, underpan obstruction sensors, non-skid platform, manual lowering crank, 1070 mm side panels, keyed cab buttons and keyed call stations, automatic access ramp, backup nut and backup nut safety switch.
Warranty: 36-month manufacturer’s parts warranty. Ask your Savaria representative for details.


Optional configurations: Type 2, 3 and 4
Platform sizes:
W914 mm x L1372 mm
W1100 mm x L1400 mm (BCA)
Custom sizes available
Access ramp: 640 mm and 835 mm (BCA)
Other options: Aluminium, acrylic or clear tempered laminated glass inserts for gates, travel up to 1.8 m


Standard Capacity: 340 kg
Max stops: 2
Nominal speed: 0.04 m/s
Max travel: 1.2 m (standard)  1.8 m (optional)
Platform sizes: 914 mm x 1372 mm (residential), 1100 mm x 1400 mm (BCA)
Power requirements: 240 volt, single phase, 20 Amps
Minimum overhead clearance: 2032 mm from upper landing 
Tower height:
2032 mm or 2642 mm 
Door type: Hinged landing gate; platform gate where required
Door size: 914 mm (residential only) or 1057 mm clear opening
Code compliance: ASME A18.1 and BCA E3.6


    Please note, planning guides contain some information and measurements that may not apply to products sold in Australia. Please consult our sales offices for complete specifications.

    Gallery of installations

    Multilift BCA Lift 1Thumbnail for Multilift BCA Lift 1
    Multilift BCA lift

    The Savaria Multilift BCA with straight-through entry/exit configuration

    Multilift BCA Lift 2Thumbnail for Multilift BCA Lift 2
    Multilift BCA lift

    The Savaria Multilift BCA provides disabled access at home

    Multilift BCA Lift 3Thumbnail for Multilift BCA Lift 3
    Multilift BCA lift

    Multilift BCA makes accessibility look good in black with call station mounted to pillar

    Multilift BCA Lift 4Thumbnail for Multilift BCA Lift 4
    Multilift BCA lift

    The Multilift BCA offers multiple entry/exit configurations and platform sizes 

    Multilift BCA Lift 5Thumbnail for Multilift BCA Lift 5
    Multilift BCA lift

    The Multilift BCA provides stylish access for this restaurant's rooftop patio

    Multilift BCA Lift 6Thumbnail for Multilift BCA Lift 6
    Multilift BCA lift

    The Multilift BCA installed as a porch life to provide access for private homes

    Multilift BCA Lift 7Thumbnail for Multilift BCA Lift 7
    Multilift BCA lift

    This black outdoor Multilift BCA fits in seamlessly with landscaping design elements 

    Multilift BCA Lift 8Thumbnail for Multilift BCA Lift 8
    Multilift BCA lift

    The call station attached next to gate provides convenient wheelchair accessibility

    Multilift BCA Lift 9Thumbnail for Multilift BCA Lift 9
    Multilift BCA lift

    The Multilift BCA provide unobtrusive wheelchair access when installed in an office

    Thumbnail for
    Multilift BCA lift

    The Multilift BCA offers an automatic access ramp and non-skid zinc-coated platform

    Thumbnail for
    Multilift BCA lift

    The Multilift BCA's ACME screw drive provides precision and reliable strength

    Thumbnail for
    Multilift BCA lift

    The Multilift BCA is built for reliability in rough-and-tumble environments like schools

    Thumbnail for
    Multilift BCA lift

    The Multilift BCA provides accessibility in multi-family buildings

    Thumbnail for
    Multilift BCA lift

    The Multilift BCA vertical platform lift excels in multi-family building applications